Tiny House shell for sale — ready to customize

The BIG tiny house for sale!  32′ long, 2 sleeping lofts, great layout for a couple, someone who wants an at-home office or budding family! Approx. 256 sq ft of living space BEFORE you consider 2 sleeping lofts (master is 96 sq ft with 4′ of head-room! Sit up in bed and read, or gaze at the stars through the skylight).
Unique design delivers big living for a tiny house:
  • front door
  • back door with mud-room/changing area and immediate access to bathroom
  • large wood sliding door (opposite front door) to deck for added living space & more spacious entrance
INCLUDED: NEW Marvin wood windows, NEW solid french doors, wood sliding glass door, hardwood flooring included. Circuit Breakers, box & wiring included.
Built to last, on a custom designed dual-axel trailer with electric brakes, on a steel 8″ I-beam frame! (Tiny house is 32′ long, plus trailer tongue.) Metal roof with 50 year warranty (original paperwork included for warranty), Velux Skylight and more!
This tiny house is ready for you to customize and build exactly as you’d like it.  Design is setup so it can easily be 100% off grid–happy to share my design, research, solar system sizing/etc.  Get a jump-start on your build and come see this tiny house today!

MORE DETAILS: This tiny house shell is for sale in Portland, Oregon but you can tow it anywhere (13’6″ high, 8’6″ wide so you shouldn’t need any special permits).

This LARGE tiny house is built on a custom twin-axel trailer frame built on 8″ steel I-beams. I have a gazillion construction photos, as well as my first-layout.pdf. The original intention was to design a house that I could live in for several years (comfortably, with a real kitchen as I love to cook!) and then eventually buy or build a smaller (traditional) home and move this up to the mountains or down by the coast as a cabin, and put it on a lot I either purchase or get a long-term lease on.  Well, plans have changed and so I’m looking to sell this labor of love to someone else looking to live in a “big tiny” as I call it.

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  • The original layout was designed so this tiny house could easily be setup off grid–with the following benefits:
    all roofing slopes to one side for easy rain-water collection
  • sloped roof makes for easier solar panel install (at correct angle, based on your latitude)
  • centralized plumbing/layout + grey-water system
  • simple bathroom shower & composting (or incinerating) toilette design & layout

I have details for a solar system & batteries that would more than accommodate 2 full-time residents and I’m happy to share with the buyer. I spent more than 2 years planning & designing all of these systems, including finding a little wood stove I’d planned to order.  There are more options (and info) available now, but these little stoves were originally designed & built for sailboats.  (Actually I used to own a Yankee 30, and thought I could “kind” of live on that–so why not design & build my own I could move on land? Note, this tiny house is what I call moveable, not mobile — I mean you can easily move it with a large pick-up, but you won’t want to drive it across the country while you’re exploring all of the National Parks. 😉

Here’s a more current drawing of the intended layout/floor-plan, but before you examine it too closely here are a few notes:

  • Deck (to be built on-site, removed for moving) would be below the sliding door
  • Actual dimensions are 32′ long (not 30 as this drawing) x 8’6″
  • My friend put the closet on the “wrong” side as the higher ceiling side (more clearance to get up into the master loft) is where the closet is shown in this diagram–so I would put the spiral “stairs” around the wall where the closet is, and tuck the front-loading washer/dryer (like this one) under that, which again makes sense from a plumbing perspective (next to bathroom)


Asking price: $19,500.00

I’m willing to entertain offers with or without wood flooring, etc. so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have questions etc.

I’ve seen a number of places that are selling shell’s (24′ long for $20k-$23k) so I think this is a fair price. At this point you have the ability to customize the layout, windows & doors/etc. with minimal effort re-working someone else’s design.

Email: photos@jeffreyfreeman.com or call 503-705-6875

Thanks for reading!


PS I am the builder, and I have a TON of construction photos if you want to see some of the building process…don’t be shy, email me for the link or ask any questions.